Evansville Wartime Museum

Evansville Wartime Museum is the place to visit for the surprising, interesting and world-changing story of our community’s involvement in winning WWII. The stories we tell come from home front workers and battlefront warriors — these are the people who were there.

Evansville was a center of WWII production. Our community’s factories made the products that help our military fight the war on land, on sea and in the air. Thousands of new jobs, created virtually overnight, drew workers from Evansville and the surrounding counties in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. We show what they made, how they made it and where it helped win the war.

More than sending wartime goods, this region sent men and women to the far-flung battle fronts of that world war. We share their stories. The stories we share include a paratrooper’s D-Day landing, a pilot’s flights over the Hump, an infantryman’s march to retake Luzon and a story of a man and woman who met in Washington D.C., married and settled in Evansville.

Then there’s the stories of Evansville’s legendary Red Cross Canteen, eloquently told by the many letters and cards mailed back by troops grateful for warm hospitality, a delicious hot meal and an experience that was the next best thing to home. Also, Mom Hudson’s story, the kindly seamstress who sewed patches and mended uniforms and comforted troops passing through one of our USOs.